︎︎︎ 2024 ♾️


Word of Command NTS Mix Cover

Word of Command NTS Mix Jan 2022

Club Eternal flyer
︎︎︎ Austin Texas 2023

Chicken’s Party album art

Baby Blue End of Sleep EP album art 

Gilgamesh: She Who Saw the Deep poster and intertitle design animation
︎︎︎Comissioned by Anton Vidokle and Pelin Tan

Ugent Suplex EP design & logo

38 and NEGATIVE TWO short film posters
︎︎︎by Micaela Duraned + Daniel Chew

SAW short film anthology poster
︎︎︎presented at Parrish Art Museum

Various Word of Command mix covers

Unused album for a trance release 2023

FIST (Fun is Still Transgressive) is a party series known for its celebration of underground music and inclusive atmosphere. Founded by Daniel Leyva in 2016, FIST events offer a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies to dance and connect through techno and electronic music. With a focus on pushing boundaries and fostering community withink our bookings, FIST parties have become a staple in the alternative nightlife scene. FIST holds a residency at BASEMENT and have toured internationally.   

FIST engages the visibility of communities of otherness through techno in NYC. Unify to help us combat the status quo, fight mediocrity, and strive for new spaces that embrace the movement of a new culture. Annihilate hate. Join the chant. In tribute to radical fun.



Collaboration graphics used on our social media. We comission illustrators and designers to utilize our FIST logo and incorporate an energetic scene to create a banner graphic.
Artists included: lord_flufflord ︎ jusomor ︎ johann.freitas ︎ pslala ︎ spaceheadtr ︎ clochefolle ︎ witnesstheabsurd

FIST MIX series artworks featuring mixes that release monthly.
Listen to the mixes here

Title and media design for Star Choir  
︎︎︎An interstellar chamber opera set inside the the historic Mount Wilson Observatory 2023 – 2024
Audiences will embark on a cosmic mission, as a starship crew seeks refuge on the hostile Planet 85K: Aurora. Once there, the colonists encounter intelligent life imperceptible to their all-too-human awareness. As the planet defends itself from their invasive presence, the humans evolve to become a part of the Holobiont, a queerly multi-species organism that covers this world. STAR CHOIR offers a meditation on the challenges and pleasures of mutual coexistence, reimagining humanity as a porous category that must transform to survive.

Ambient Works (I–VI)
︎︎︎ generative code works, infinite loop of rain drops
comissioned by Electric Objects 2018

TItle and media design for Future St
︎︎︎Fisher Center for the Performing Arts, Bard College, Anandale-on-Hudson, NY, and The Broad Museum, LA, 2018

A science fiction saga about corporate boybands and holographic newscasters crowdcontrolling a society of clones, Alexandro Segade's Future St. is a speculative, multimedia theater epic exploring desire, surveillance, and the sinister forces of normalization. As California becomes Clonifornia, a homosexual police state enforces strict marriage codes among the monitored populace, and an intersectional resistance— made up of queer mutant dissidents and an ancient feminist underground—plots its overthrow.

Archival graphic work for Webster Hall & Avant Gardner
︎︎︎2016 – 2020